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CIA 2024



These are the themes for CIA 2024

1. Excavation and documentation of cremations

2. Cremations and chronology

3. Cremations and funerary practices

4. Diet, mobility and society

5. New developments, challenges and limitations for the study of cremations and cremated human remains

6. Case studies



The 2nd CIA Conference will take place at two exciting locations: The City Museum, Ljubljana and The Dolenjska Museum Novo Mesto. 

Capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a place with truly rich cultural heritage. The city's ancient roots come to life through archaeological finds from prehistory, such as the famous wooden wheel from the Ljubljana Marches, as well as the in-situ preserved remains of Emona, the Roman settlement that once thrived here. Furthermore, Ljubljana also invites you to admire its historic architecture with Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau influences, the Ljubljana Castle, the Dragon Bridge as well as many other places. Just a quick walk through the City Museum or the National Museum of Slovenia will leave you amazed by its historical importance

Novo mesto is the capital of the Dolenjska region and an important centre of cultural heritage, testifying to its rich archaeological past, especially from the Bronze and Iron Ages. The Dolenjska Museum houses a remarkable collection of finds from various (pre-)historical periods, including the impressive artefacts from the Early Iron Age, which illustrate the glory of the “flourishing” Dolenjska region Hallstatt period.


Organisers & Partners 

Matija Črešnar

Tamara Leskovar

Nidia Lisić Fox

Christophe Snoeck

Carina T. Gerritzen

Petra Stipančić (Novo mesto)

Boštjan Laharnar (NMS)

Bernarda Županek (MGML) 


Scientific Committee 

Matija Črešnar

Tamara Leskovar

Nives Ogrinc

Christophe Snoeck 

Barbara Veselka 

Daria Ložnjak Dizdar 

Carola Metzner Nebelsick 

Katharina Rebay Salisbury

Ian Armit 

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